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Distance vector routing algorithm is a dynamic routing algorithm. The routing tables in distance vector routing algorithm are updated ______

  1. automatically
  2. by server
  3. by exchanging information with neighbour nodes
  4. with back up database
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option 3: exchange info with neighbours

explanation: (wiki)

Distance-vector protocols are based on calculating the direction and distance to any link in a network. "Direction" usually means the next hop address and the exit interface. "Distance" is a measure of the cost to reach a certain node. The least cost route between any two nodes is the route with minimum distance. Each node maintains a vector (table) of minimum distance to every node. The cost of reaching a destination is calculated using various route metrics.

Updates are performed periodically in a distance-vector protocol where all or part of a router's routing table is sent to all its neighbors that are configured to use the same distance-vector routing protocol.Once a router has this information it is able to amend its own routing table to reflect the changes and then inform its neighbors of the changes. This process has been described as ‘routing by rumor’ because routers are relying on the information they receive from other routers and cannot determine if the information is actually valid and true. There are a number of features which can be used to help with instability and inaccurate routing information.
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A distance-vector routing protocol requires that a router inform its neighbors about its topology changes periodically. 

Option is C

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