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Consider the following intermediate program in three address code

p = a - b
q = p * c
p = u * v
q = p + q

Which one of the following corresponds to a static single assignment form of the above code?

  1. p1 = a  - b
    q1 = p1 * c
    p1 = u  * v
    q1 = p1 + q1
  2. p3 = a  - b
    q4 = p3 * c
    p4 = u  * v
    q5 = p4 + q4
  3. p1 = a  - b
    q1 = p2 * c
    p3 = u  * v
    q2 = p4 + q3
  4. p1 = a - b
    q1 = p * c
    p2 = u * v
    q2 = p + q
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A answer.i think
@Uddipto no its b)
why? we can clear p1 and load u-v to p1 again
Yes but Static Single Assignment says that a variable cannot be used more than once in the LHS, and it is to be initialised atmost once.
In static single assigment we can assign only once bu read many times
yes but cant we completely clear the variable.. then reassign again
till I didn't understand what is static single assignment??
a = b;

a = 5;

This is not SSA because a is assigned value more than once. More detailed explanation is given in the selected answer.
In option B , in the last line, rightmost var should be q4 not q.

Correct me?

Here option (B), not typed correctly.



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In compiler design, static single assignment form (often abbreviated as SSA form or simply SSA) is a property of an intermediate representation (IR), which requires that each variable is assigned exactly once, and every variable is defined before it is used. Thus option B only satisfies the above criteria.

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Option D INCORRECT because in last line we are directly adding P+Q without moving it to register

option C INCORRECT because in last line Q3+P4 is done however they dont even contain any value

Option A INCORRECT because P1 has been assigned value twice

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Answer is B.
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OPTION B becoz in option A same variable is used p1 , q1 which creates ambiguity also bt in option B different variable is used .
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But in option B, last line q5= p4 + q

instead of it should be q5= p4+ q4 because q is pointing to value  of statement 2

Please correct me if i am wrong

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