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Consider the following grammar:

  • $P\rightarrow xQRS$
  • $Q\rightarrow yz\mid z$
  • $R\rightarrow w\mid \varepsilon$
  • $S\rightarrow y$

What is FOLLOW($Q$)?

  1. $\left \{ R \right \}$              
  2. $\left \{ w \right \}$                
  3. $\left \{ w,y \right \}$                   
  4. $\left \{ w,\$ \right \}$
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7 Answers

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Follow of $Q$ is first of $R$ so we get $\{w\}$

but since $R$ can be Null so we have to check first of $S$ which is $\{y\}$

so FOLLOW $Q=\{w,y\}$

Correct option (C)

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correct option is c.

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could u plz tell me how to insert a picture in this
Nice explanation. From this answer Follow set find rules can be verified.
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  First Follow
P {x} {$}
Q {y,z} {w,y}
R {w,ε} {y}
S {y} {$}

Ans: (C) - {w,y}

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so C is ans.

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c is correct
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Ans option d
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answer d is not correct because for Follow of Q we have to find first of R and there is epsilon move in first of R so by putting epsilon in P now we have to find first of S hence option C
so plz correct ur answer
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option C
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