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Has anybody tried their hands in Raspberry Pi? Or have an experience with Arduino?? I meant in terms of practical exposure. If yes, kindly share your valuable insights and thoughts as well.
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I have done projects using both. If you are from a non-electronics branch then I'll suggest using Arduino first. it is a simple microcontroller and you can make several projects just by exploring the documentation.  The programming used is basically the C alike.  you can work on windows or Linux it has its own IDE so where ever you prefer.

As of RPi, it's more complex than Arduino, it is basically a small computer in layman terms and runs on Linux. so if you want to learn Linux as well it's a good to go. Projects on Rpi are of infinite potential and are regarded as major projects in all areas. you can control basic stuff like LED's and motors or work with sensors or do complex stuff like Internet of things and automations etc.

All arduino projects can be done using Rpi but not the other way around.
Thanx a tonnes.For a beginner like me where I shud start from?? Some books for reference wud indeed be handy.  :)

Arduino has some nice documentation on its website itself and there is some really cool youtube channel for both of them. you can start by choosing a project - what you actually want to make and then do some research over the internet, you will find some similar projects so that will help you surely. 

this channel is really nice for all this stuff

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