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In Ethernet when Manchester encoding is used, the bit rate is:

  1. Half the baud rate

  2. Twice the baud rate

  3. Same as the baud rate

  4. None of the above

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Is this topic present in the current syllabus?

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Just additional information -

You can think of Manchester encoding not only transmitting the actual data, but also the clock (meta data) due to its self clocking characteristic.

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Bit rate is half the baud rate in Manchester encoding as bits are transferred only during a positive transition of the clock.

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Basically there is a relation between bit rate and baud rate which is:

BaudRate = Bitrate * c * (1/r)

c = Case factor usually = 1 (if nothing mentioned in question)

r = data element per signal element

In manchester signal or differential manchester a data bit is encoded in two signal element so r = 1/2 because for half duration level is up and for half of bit duration its below so two signal element per data element


hence if we substitue the data of r in above we get Baud rate = 2* Bit rate
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ans b)
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Baud rate = 2* Bit Rate.

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