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Which of the following are not true?
I. Only gateway can be used to connect different protocol networks
II. Gateway occur at all layers.
III. Bridge and switch some times occur in network layer also
IV. Repeater occur at both physical layer and data link layer.

A)Only I and IV

B)Only II, III and IV

C)Only III and IV

D)Only I, II and III
asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (5.7k points) | 744 views

Your question seems to be incorrect ! Repeaters,Bridges,Switches,Gateways all these are Networking devices .!

What do  Occur signify here ?

question is correct.

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Answer should be option C).

Gateway is used to connect different protocol networks and it occurs at all layers.

Repeater occur only at physical layer.(option 4 is false)

Switch can occur at layer 2(Data link) as well as layer 3( Network layer).

Bridge does not understand IP address and cannot occur at Network layer, it is layer 2 device.(which makes option 3 is false).

answered by Boss (11.6k points)
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Ehternet and Token ring Data link layer technologies. So Bridge does not occur at network layer.
C is correct.

as Bridge cannot occur at Network layer.
Option C is Correct Answer but

what about statement 1 the link i have given tells The Bridge act as a protocol converter to translate between the ethernet and token ring packet formats.
Bridge acts as protocol convertor but only at layer 2. But gateway can act as protocol convertor for all layers.
@rahul,router can also connect the networks of different protocols and technologies.yes but routers only have till network layer.
and where have u read that switches also have network layer??

@akriti yes routers connet different similar networks. Gateway connect different non-similar networks.Therefore router cannot be used but only gateway can be used to connect different protocol networks. For layer 3 switch

different similar network means??
I don't know exactly but I have read it somewhere.
0 u say..:D
☺the answer given by me is definately correct. But not sure of meaning of what routers connect and and what gateways connect. If anyone knows do share.
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  1. Router connects same protocol networks while Gateway connects different protocol networks.(I is true) [Refer:]
  2. Gateway occur at all layers (II is true)
  3. Bridge is a Regenerator which decides whether a frame can be dropped. (Based on destination physical address only) Switch is a type of bridge such that each node will be in separate collision domain. Layer 3 switch can act in network layer. Since option III says bridge and switch it is False.
  4. Repeater regenerates signal (not an amplifier; not a filter); hence extends the physical length of a LAN. It works only in physical layer. IV is false.

Answer is C ) III and IV are false

answered by Boss (35k points)

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