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I wanted to convert my home modem to coffee shop and give internet to my customers . But due to security reasons users should register their mobile before they get access to inernet.

How can I build this project ?

Where should I start with ?

Currently i have got D-Link modem
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You have to design a webpage (or somehow known as a gateway) by using one common IP. Users have to type the IP and that webpage will act as a gateway . They will fill their login credentials and get internet access .
How abt contacting ur ISP and opting for a solution?? Since it'd be on a commercial basis. :)

@Kapil  Yes this is excatly what I wanted to implement . (my problem statement explained better ) 

But the question is how !?

  • Could u pls help me where to start with at least

Suppose I have made a webpage and user checking using Php and MySql .  Where do I host it ?  Can I host it in public servers if so what should be done at modem to route to that static webpage and block internet access unless user logs in

Any tuitorials or links which explain how to do these things would be a great help 

@Dulqar I think the best way is by creating the HTML page and send an Ajax request to your remotely hosted API. And finally, allow that domain to be access publically even if mac restriction is enabled.

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This is similar to what they do in Airports etc. I guess this is done by making the wifi free and all users once connected coming to a static webpage. Once they login they get connected to internet. i.e., a proxy manages the internet connectivity - nothing needs to be done with the modem. But this makes the wifi connectivity non-encrypted - not sure if any other solution for encryption exists.

Another easier way is to provide wifi password to customers and change it daily or at periodic intervals. I'm not sure if any modem supports multiple password.
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I know this question is old now but I just found it out and got its solution. You are talking about Captive Portal:

There are many tutorials for implementing that. Just Google them, or try this:

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I think this is what you have been looking for

You can implement it in OpenWRT Routers as well as on a Debian based Computer System.

You can modify the default HTML file and customize the splash screen according to your needs.

For making a system with mobile OTP, you need to allow general access to API domain and send API request for OTP, once user is authenticated you can remove the MAC filter so that user can access internet unrestrictedly.

There are lots of possibility and ways of implementing it. Add the code according to your needs.

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