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Number of Cateogires are 5, Thier total weights are 



M=6=Maximum Capacity= W

I am having confusion How to solve using dynamic approach 0/1 Dynamic Knapsack problem

Do we firstly need to arrande the weights in increasing order ??????????

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fractional knapsack needs sorting : 0/1 version does not

table[x][y] = Optimum result when taking items only from $1$ to $x$ for a knapsack of current capacity $y$

In $0/1$ version dynamic state transitions are:

  1. include item i th when the weight of item i is less than current capacity w:
    •  table[i][w] = max(value[i] + K[i-1][w-Wt[i]],  table[i-1][w]);
  2. Else , Do not include item i th
    1.  table[i][w] = table[i-1][w]

I am solving Please tell whether i solved Correct or Wrong ?


What i am thinking that weight should be arranged in increasing order .

will it be wrong if i arrange in increasing/Ascending order ?

somebody please solve this in order to remove a big confusion please solve it please
My answer is coming Maximum wieght M=W=6 with value =(10)

rawkstar watch this

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Maximum value: 10

we can take W3 and W4 so that the total value would be 6+4=10
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year dear sir mine is also coming same so i hope it would be right :)
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