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The language $L=\left\{0^i21^i \mid i \geq 0\right\}$ over the alphabet $\left\{0, 1, 2\right\}$ is:

  1. not recursive

  2. is recursive and is a deterministic CFL

  3. is a regular language

  4. is not a deterministic CFL but a CFL

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4 Answers

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$L=\left\{0^i21^i \mid i \geq 0\right\}$ has only one comparison that can be done using a DPDA. Hence, its DCFL.

Context free languages are a proper subset of Recursive Languages. $\therefore$ it is recursive too.

answer = option B

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L = {0i21i |  i>=0 } is deterministic CFL,

Evert DCFL is recursive. As we have membership algorithm for DCFL (Or say CFL in general) , that's why it is recursive. In fact DCFL is subset of Recursive Languages.

SO answer :-


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push all 0  then skip 2 then for every 1 pop one 0 .. done by 1 stack without any confusion.. so dcfl.

dcfl⊆ cfl ⊆ csl ⊆ rec ⊆re
answered by Veteran (60.4k points)
transition for skip ??? i am getting little bit confused there ....
yes when 2 will come we don't need to perform any operation, therefore, we will bypass (skip) 2 and then perform a pop operation on seeing 1
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The answer is B.
answered by Veteran (19.8k points)

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