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What is the difference between height and levels for a tree. What will be the value of height and level for root node and why?
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3 Answers

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Height and level of a tree are equal.

but height and level of a node are not equal because...

the height is calculated by traversing from leaf to the given node

level is calculated from traversal from root to the given node

that means the height of leaves is 0 and the level of root is 0.
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Consider visiting d link mentioned below. I hope d descp helps u. :)
yeah nicely explained. liked the Groot :p
@s9k96, consider referring Data Structures by Yahwant Kanetkar. Okay. :). Superb book. If possible get d animated slides it'll be help to u. :)
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Height=level+1 because

level count will start with 0 .

height count will start with 1.

Level of the root is 0.

Height of the root is 1.
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Depth vs Height

answered by Loyal (9.1k points)
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