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There are $n$ stations in slotted LAN. Each station attempts to transmit with a probability $p$ in each time slot. What is the probability that ONLY one station transmits in a given time slot?

  1. $np(1-p)^{n-1}$

  2. $(1-p)^{n-1}$

  3. $p(1-p)^{n-1}$

  4. $1-(1-p)^{n-1}$

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$\text{(A) is correct option!}$

From which book ??

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Probability that only one station transmits in a given slot = ${n \choose 1} p^1 (1-p)^{n-1}$

Answer is option A.

$p$ for 1 transmitting and $(1-p)$ for $n-1$ non transmitting and $n$ ways to choose $1$ from $n$.

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Can you explain it more ?
Binomial distribution with parameter (n,p)
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Please before making above question clear your concept about Binomial distribution,then this question will seem like birthday cake


P(X=1)=nC1 x (p)^1 x (1-p)^n-1
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