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Which one is more powerful Deterministic push down automata or Non Deterministic push down automata ?
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3 Answers

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NPDA(Non Deterministic Push Down Automata) is more powerful than DPDA(Deterministic Push Down Automata).

for eg: There are languages for which we can make NPDA but DPDA can not be possible...

L = { WW^r   | W belongs to (a + b)^(+) }
answered by Veteran (19.1k points)
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expressive power of DPDA < expressive power of NPDA

ie. language accpeted by deterministic PDA is greater then Non deterministic PDA

therefore NPDA is more powerful then DPDA
answered by Loyal (3.7k points)
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non deterministic push down automata is more powerfull
answered by (49 points)

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