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The query may sound trivial but (my bad) I have no knowledge about such exam. I am not much aware about UGC-NET exam for Computer Science and came to come about such an exam recently. I wanted to know,

  • What is the eligibility of this exam ? Does it require MTech ?
  • What are the career prospects ? 
  • What is the score validity?
  • What is the max age limit ?

Anything else that would be useful to know

asked in CBSE/UGC NET by Loyal (5.3k points)
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  • Does it require MTech = Yes
  • career prospects = Must for becoming an Asst professor in govt/aided college/university  
  • What is the score validity = Always
  • What is the max age limit = No Upper age limit for asst professor ( but for JRF upto 28 yrs for  male and upto 33yrs  for female)

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