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Consider the following Finite State Automaton:

The language accepted by this automaton is given by the regular expression

  1. $b^*ab^*ab^*ab^*$

  2. $(a + b)^*$

  3. $b^*a(a+b)^*$

  4. $b^*ab^*ab^*$

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We can reduce given automata to this-


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The answer is C.

You can see that both the states, $q_1$ and $q_2$ are final and are accepting $(a+b)^*$.


  1. $q_3$ is unreachable state, hence it can be removed.
  2. States $q_1$ and $q_2$ are indistinguishable, so, they can be merged. 
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accepting (a+b)* printed wrong i guess
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given DFA accept a but option A and D cant so A and D are eliminated 
option B accept epsilon but given DFA cant accept epsilon so B eliminated 
Hence Ans is C

q3 i unreachabl state wo we remove it now both q1 and q2 are equivalent so they can combine now we easily find regular expression for it : b*a(a+b)*

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I will proceed with elimination of options
Option A: wrong because, string "ba" is accepted by given DFA. R.E given here can't generate it.
Option B: epsilon can't be accepted by given DFA. Given R.E generates epsilon
Option D: Same reason as option A. As "ba" can't be generated here too. The least it can generate are aa,baa,bbaa... so on..

Option C is correct. How???

After reaching q1, the DFA can accept any string generated by the alphabet{a,b}. b* is obvious from the given figure. to reach q1 we need atleast one a. Hence, b*a(a+b)^* is correct R.E
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minimal string accepts by A&D are 3a's, 2 a's but from the figure, we can see that string contain one 'a'  is minimal.
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test for string a and epsilon we can easily get answer C
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State q3 is unreachable and state q1 and q2 are equivalent, so we can merge q1 and q2 as one state. The resulting DFA will be:

Clearly we can see that the regular expression for DFA is “ b*a (a+b)* ”.

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