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In how many ways 8 different shirts can be distributed to 4 different people so that each will get 2 shirts?
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$\frac{8!}{\left ( 2! \right )^{4}}$
please explain how???
i guess it should 8! 4! /  (2!)^4 4! = 8!/ 16 =2520

yes i too agree

Number of ways in which m×n distinct things can be distributed equally among n persons (each person gets m number of things)

= Number of ways in which m×n distinct things can be divided equally into n groups (each group will have m things and the groups are numbered, i.e., distinct)

so answer should be  8! / (2!)4

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Total ways to distribute $8$ different shirts to $4$ different people, so that each gets $2$ shirts is :-

$$C(8,2) * C(6,2) * C(4,2) * C(2,2)$$
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