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The default subnet mask for a class B network can be

  1. '
asked in Computer Networks by Boss (35.3k points) | 1.6k views

5 Answers

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Option D as it contains 16 bit nid and 16 bit hid
answered by Active (2.9k points)
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Option D
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here we are asked which among these could a subnet mask for class B, but in D option it is just the default network for class B. So according to me subnet mask will be C. As when subnetting is done in class B , it's subnet mask includes more number of bits than the network mask of class B. 

See wiki

What is masking? Is is not by default 0 masking in the n/w?
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Ans: D

  1. '     belongs to C
  2.                belongs to A
  4.             belongs to B
answered by Loyal (7.9k points)
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The default subnet mask for class B is
answered by Boss (10.3k points)
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See the address and subnet mask range:

Image result for default subnet mask for class

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