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Which of these is characteristic of $\textsf{RAID 5}?$

  1. Dedicated parity
  2. Double parity
  3. Hamming code parity
  4. Distributed parity
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The parity data are not written to a fixed drive, they are spread across all drives. Using the parity data, the computer can recalculate the data of one of the other data blocks, should those data no longer be available. That means a RAID 5 array can withstand a single drive failure without losing data or access to data.


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RAID 0: Disk Striping or non-redundant striping
RAID 1: Disk Mirroring
RAID 2: Memory style error correcting codes
RAID 3: Bit interleaved parity
RAID 4: Block interleaved parity
RAID 5: Block interleaved distributed parity
RAID 6: P+Q redundancy