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Unlike the IITs, I couldn't find the schedule for direct offers of IISc CSA. Also to my knowledge, they haven't published the no of rounds conducted anywhere. So how much rounds are over by now? Is the schedule for direct offers published anywhere?
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I heard that May 24 is the last date to reject an offer. So, they would be publishing a list after that. Going by last year, just before class starts they will give another list also.
That's a really long time to reject a first offer!! 30th May is the last date after which IITb would not refund the deposit for 2nd round offers. So that's a problem. Hopefully IISc will release their offers before that. Thanks for the info :)
yes, they should. Usually list comes in like 2-3 days after the deadline to withdraw :)
Thats not good :-/ Maybe I'll try writing to IISc. Thanks for the heads up though :)
Guys, yesterday the third list was announced. Will another list be announced, given that one more list will be announced just before classes start?

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