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The essential content(s) in each entry of a page table is / are

  1. Virtual page number

  2. Page frame number

  3. Both virtual page number and page frame number

  4. Access right information

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Notice It is Page frame number. It is not just Frame Number because in multiple level page table using Frame Number may be little bit confusing.

Refer ->

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It is (B).

The page table contains the page frame number essentially.

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what is the meaning of virtual page number ?????
I think it refers to address of another page table in case of multilevel page tables.
In each page table entry,we usually be having the set of bits like dirty bit, access bit, page is present in memory or not bit,address of the next page table or referencing page, this is essential, which is equivalent to storing up of the address of the reference, i.e physical address.
Access right information also stored in page table. Ans should be both B and D.
if instead of virtual page no, it is simply page number then what will be essential content:

only frame no. or bothe page no. and frame no.  ????????
I think it will still be frame number. Because page no. is just used as an index into the page table, so that the corresponding frame number is obtained. So the essential content will always be the frame number.
page number is an index, and index is not stored, just like array index is not stored in array data, its simply implied by its location
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A page table entry contains

Present bit

Modify bit

Other control bits

And frame number.

And, page number is used to index this table.

Hence, B) is essential anytime.
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page no index to map with corresponding frame no where and how it is stored???
Both virtual page number and page frame number---------> why it is wrong?

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