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What is the number of swaps required to sort $n$ elements using selection sort, in the worst case?

  1. $\Theta(n)$

  2. $\Theta(n \log  n)$

  3. $\Theta(n^2)$

  4. $\Theta(n^2 \log  n)$

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Selection sort:


2 Answers

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The answer is A.

we have $1$ swap in each loop and hence $n$ swaps at max for $1$ to $n$. Therefore the worst case number of swaps is $\Theta(n)$

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Best case: $0$ swaps. for eg $1,2,3,4,5,6$

Worst case: $n-1$ swaps for eg $6,5,2,1,4,3$

@reena ma'am, it depends on implementation, but in its basic form, even in best case selection sort requires 1 swap in each pass.

A minor correction, in worst case , selection sort does n-1 swaps.
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option a

answered by Boss (33.9k points)

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