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$$S \to aSa \mid bSb\mid a\mid b$$
The language generated by the above grammar over the alphabet $\{a,b\}$ is the set of:

  1. all palindromes
  2. all odd length palindromes
  3. strings that begin and end with the same symbol
  4. all even length palindromes
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y not b & c both or we have to choose very specific????????
There are counter examples for c.So c is not correct.

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Answer is B. String generated by this language is a,b,aba,bab,aabaa,.....

All this strings are odd length palindromes.

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Even c is correct too?


C is not correct because it does not generate set of all strings that begin and end with the same symbol.

aaaaba is not generated by given grammar.

@sachin_mittal_1  SIR , Questions says that Language generated by above grammar is the set of ____ ( strings that begin and end with the same symbol )
If palindrome means string will begin and end with same symbol . so C is also correct , right ? They didn't asks it in reverse order ie. strings that begin and end with the same symbol is accepted by the grammar .
I marked option B because it gives more clarity . I dont feel option C is wrong

Your statement is Wrong bcoz you just consider Palindrome not Odd length Palindromes ,which is given in Option B.

We have counter ex for option C,ex- aa, bb .

Hence option (B) is the ONLY correct option.

@gatematesingh even Epsilon is not generated by this grammar so C is wrong
but it is not written that grammar should generate all strings that begin and end with same symbol

option C should be " all strings that begin and end with same symbol"

then it is correct to remove option c

is it not?
even ur answer contains flaw

the language u given covers  BOTH B and C.
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(A) Counter Example :- aa or bb not generated by above Grammar.

(C) Counter example :- aa not genetrated by above Grammer.

(D) Counter Example :- aa not generated, but a generated.

(B) Correct. Odd length palindromes are generated by this grammar.
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(B) all odd length palindromes
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option A is wrong as the given grammar can not generate the string like aa, bb, aaaa  

option D is wrong because it also covered string like  aa, bb which can not be generated by the given grammar

option C and option B are correct but option C is already covered in option B so we can neglect option C 

option B is the correct answer as it can generate a,b , bab, aaa, ababa ... etc

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How option C is covered in option B?

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