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The running time of an algorithm is represented by the following recurrence relation:

$T(n) =  \begin{cases}
  n & n \leq 3 \\
  T(\frac{n}{3})+cn & \text{ otherwise }

Which one of the following represents the time complexity of the algorithm?

  1. $\Theta(n)$

  2. $\Theta(n \log  n)$

  3. $\Theta(n^2)$

  4. $\Theta(n^2 \log  n)$

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Can anyone tell me which method is best to solve the Recurrence relation?
1 Substitution Method
2 Recursion Tree
3 Master's Theorem.

@srestha @Bikram   anyone can you tell me what is the significance of T(n) = n  , n <= 3   ( for n<=3. it would be  O(n)?)

as i think for larger input n > 3 T(n) recursive call T(n/3) + cn is invoked hence leads to O(n) but somehow if recursive call evaluate O(sqrt(n)) or more precisely < O(n) then its upper bound O(n) would be selected.

isn't it ? 

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$a=1, b=3,  \log_b a=0$

So $n^{\log_b a} = n^0=1$


So, $f(n)=Ω(1)$

To, check Master theorem case 3, we need $c>0$,

$f(n/3)\leq c f(n)$


So using case  three of master theorem

$T(n)= \Theta(f(n)) = \Theta(n)$

answer is A.

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a and b are reversed? Also, we have to ensure regularity condition for case 3.
Here, what significance does T(n)= n for n<=3 have?
Just to make the question tricky I guess. The time complexity is always concerned for larger values of n which is in this case will contribute as T(n/3)+cn

@Pratik Gawali

T(n/3) can be applied on n which is atleast 3. We can't divide 2 numbers into 3 parts. For that atleast 3 numbers have to be there. But then shouldn't it be n<3 for 1st case instead of <= ?


T(n) = T(n/3) + cn

T(3) = 3

Solving the recurrence relation by substitution.

But before that let n = 3$^{k}$ for easy calculation.

T(n) = T(n/3) + cn

= T(n/9) + cn/3 + cn

= T(n/27) + cn/9 + cn/3 + cn




= T($\frac{n}{3^{k-1}}$) + $\frac{cn}{3^{k-2}}$ + $\frac{cn}{3^{k-3}}$ + .... + $\frac{cn}{3^{k-k}}$

= T(3) + [$\frac{cn}{3^{k-2}}$ + $\frac{cn}{3^{k-3}}$ + .... + $\frac{cn}{3^{k-k}}$]

= 3 + cn [$\frac{1-\frac{1}{3^{k-1}}}{1-\frac{1}{3}}$]

= 3 + cn [$\frac{3^{k-1}-1}{\frac{2}{3}\times 3^{k-1}}$]

= 3 + (3c/2) n [$\frac{\frac{n}{3}-1}{\frac{n}{3}}$]

= 3 + (9c/2) [${\frac{n}{3}-1}$]

= $\Theta (n)$

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Answer is A.

Case III of Master's Theorem.
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