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Choose the statement that are syntactically incorrect in C language?

1.for( ; ; );

2./* this is a /* a valid */ comment*/

3.return 5;

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2 is wrong. You can break it like this.
 /* this is a /*
a valid
*/ comment*/
You just copy please explain how is it wrong .
/* this is a /*   ==> This is comment.
a valid         ==> This will give error. Because it is not a comment.
*/ comment*/  ==> This is also comment.

for( ; ; ); This is correct. This is infinite loop. Conditional part is always true.

For option 3 and 4, They are very obvious. They are  correct.

2 Answers

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a function can return only one value at a time,
by Boss (12.3k points)
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But in line 4 it is not returning two values. It is adding 6 and 3 and then returning their sum.
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Only 2 is incorrect. As we know a comment in C starts with /* and ends with */. There is no concept of nested comment in C . Once we put */ , the comment ends there. Rest of the line is considered as redundant and hence is synctactically incorrect in C
by Loyal (7.4k points)
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