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Which of the following statements are TRUE?

  1. The context diagram should depict the system as a single bubble.

  2. External entities should be identified clearly at all levels of DFDs.

  3. Control information should not be represented in a DFD.

  4. A data store can be connected wither to another data store or to an external entity.

  1. II and III
  2. II and III
  3. I and III
  4. I, II and III
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Option A) and B) are same. Please change them.

Please change the options

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Answer is clearly c) i and iii

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I. True ;; In DFD Highest level is Context Diagram which represents the entire system.

II. False.

III.True .Control information should not be represented in a DFD.

IV. False ;;Data Store are connected with process only

Ans is C.
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is it in syllabus

DFD- Data flow diagram,rt?
I don't know. But recently Gate is not framing any question from DFD. So u may skip ; if u haven't done.
DFD- Data flow diagram is it in dbms

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