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Consider the following statements about the cyclomatic complexity of the control flow graph of a program module. Which of these are TRUE? 

  1. The cyclomatic complexity of a module is equal to the maximum number of linearly independent circuits in the graph.
  2. The cyclomatic complexity of a module is the number of decisions in the module plus one, where a decision is effectively any conditional statement in the module.
  3. The cyclomatic complexity can also be used as a number of linearly independent paths that should be tested during path coverage testing.
    1. I and II
    2. II and III
    3. I and III
    4. I, II and III
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ans: b) 2 and 3

In 1, it should be "path" and not "circuit".
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What is the meaning of 1st statement?

It is just the definition of cyclomatic complexity. Problem with first statement is that "circuit" is used in place or "path".

thanks Arjun, but link is not working.
Sorry. Corrected now :)

NOTE: the decision node should have only 2 paths one for yes and one for no to use this formula.


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