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for e:) my answer is ( (-2)^n )/n! -1 ,but given is ( (-2)^n )+n!
can i c ur solution

Please check where am i mistaking?

why r u writing an in formula? , it is an,

in part (e), at last step , u forgot to write n! in denominator.

in part (f), for 1/(1+x), an will be (-1)n

The question is same as .So i am removing n! in the end to ge only an.

You mentioned t is an ,which t are you talking about?

My answer for e:) is not matching. It is given  ( (-2)^n )+n! . Why is this + before n! ?.

For e part, I think your answer is correct as $a_{n}=\frac{(-2)^{n}}{n!} -1$.

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