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I am not able to study for gate 2018 I have resources,time, environment, completed all the subjects while preparing for gate 2017 How do I overcome this
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There are only two ways , those can push you to study even before 1 year of exam.

1) FEAR : I can certainly say it's not a DO OR DIE case for you otherwise you won't be asking that question . Play a small movie in your mind 'in which you failed GATE18 badly'. Now talk to your mind the very next moment that if you take risk of start to study that late , this disaster can come true. Have a fear of failure is sometime the strongest driving force. Learn to handle it as its dangerous too , if you didn't use it properly , it may gift you 'some nice level of pressure'.

2)Love studying , love learning :- If you are appetite enough for knowledge , exams would mean nothing to you , anyone can find you working hard with the same level , whether its 1 year before exam of 1 day after exam. Meet your friend curiosity some day , he will help you.

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Only thing that is needed now is desire to get into IISC/IIT .
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