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An Abstract Data Type (ADT) is:

  1. same as an abstract class
  2. a data type that cannot be instantiated
  3. a data type for which only the operations defined on it can be used, but none else
  4. all of the above
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An abstract data type (ADT) supports only the operations which are defined.

Abstract class is one that may not have definitions of all the objects it have. Moreover it can not be instantiated. To instantiate we have to create a subclass then instantiate the class.

Abstract Data Type is  like data structure  eg. $STACK$ where we have $PUSH()$ $POP()$ operation defined .

Hence, they are not the same thing.

Correct Answer: $C$

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Thank You. So Answer is C part.
Why not b and c?
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ADT of any data structure is "what operation stacks you can perform on this data structure."

for ex:

ADT of stack:

(1) push()

(2) pop()

ADT of queue:

(1) enqueue

(2) dequeue

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ans c)
answered by Loyal (5.2k points)
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D. all of the above
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@Manali Sikdar can you elaborate your points a little bit about ADT being imstantiatei.As the link provided by you is now no more working.


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