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The range of integers that can be represented by an $n$ bit $2’s$ complement number system is:

  1. $-2^{n-1} \text{ to } (2^{n-1} -1)$

  2. $-(2^{n-1} -1) \text{ to } (2^{n-1} -1)$

  3. $-2^{n-1} \text{ to } 2^{n-1}$

  4. $-(2^{n-1} +1) \text{ to } (2^{n-1} -1)$

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An n-bit two's-complement numeral system can represent every integer in the range −(2n − 1) to +(2n − 1 − 1).

while ones' complement can only represent integers in the range −(2n − 1 − 1) to +(2n − 1 − 1).

A is answer

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option a

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