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A system matrix is given as follows.

The absolute value of the ratio of the maximum eigenvalue to the minimum eigenvalue is _______

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1/3 ??
I am also getting the same ,but in gate key they have given as 3.
the question is ratio of maximum and minimum so obviously it would be 3/1 which is just 3
But eigen values are -1,-2,-3 so maximum is -1 and min is -3 .Then we need to take mod of their ratio.This is what i can conclude

@joshi_nitish @rahul sharma 5 Sir,

what will be the ans of above question.

i think 1/3 is correct.

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Sum of eigen values is -6 and their product is also -6 Obviously theyre 1 2 and 3 in magnitude. Maximum 3 ,minimum 1. Ratio is 3
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qsn is saying absolute value of ratio of max to min...and you are finding ratio of absolute values of max and min...both are different
Ohh yes thanks for pointing out the error :)
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