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The address resolution protocol (ARP) is used for:

  1. Finding the IP address from the DNS
  2. Finding the IP address of the default gateway
  3. Finding the IP address that corresponds to a MAC address
  4. Finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address
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One additional question -->

Just think "IP and Port No" are enough to identify a process on a host  then what is the requirement of ARP ?
and RARP does option C?
at router we dont know port number rt ... so ip+port could not identify

RARP Is option c

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The address resolution protocol (ARP) is a protocol used by the Internet Protocol (IP) specifically IPv4, to map IP network addresses to the hardware addresses used by a data link protocol.

Show that option D is correct.


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ans d)
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U should explain ur answers...
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d.. finding the MAC address that correspondes to an IP address
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