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Let $N_f$ and $N_p$ denote the classes of languages accepted by non-deterministic finite automata and non-deterministic push-down automata, respectively. Let $D_f$ and $D_p$ denote the classes of languages accepted by deterministic finite automata and deterministic push-down automata respectively. Which one of the following is TRUE?

  1. $D_f \subset N_f \text{ and } D_p \subset N_p$

  2. $D_f \subset N_f \text{ and } D_p = N_p$

  3. $D_f = N_f \text{ and } D_p = N_p$

  4. $D_f =N_f \text{ and } D_p \subset N_p$

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2 Answers

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Option D.

NFA and DFA both have equivalent power.(every nfa can be converted into equivalent DFA)  but NPDA can accept more languages than DPDA.

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Ans: D

Expressive power of DFA and NFA are same but not true in case of DPDA and NPDA
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