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An XOR gate will act as __________ when one of its input is one and as ________ when one of its input is zero.

a) buffer, buffer          b) buffer, inverter       c) inverter, buffer          d) inverter, inverter
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C is the correct option.

when one input of XOR  is tied to 1 it works as inverter and it works like buffer when one input is tied to 0.

truth table for XOR gate is

A B   F

0 0   0

0 1   1

1 0   1

1 1   0

you can cross check the answer from the table . Starting two rows where A is tied to 1 and gives the answer same as B.

and in next two rows where A is 1 gives the answer as B'.
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let X be one input and 1 be the other input for 2input XOR gate.

we have  y = A'B + AB' ( where A and B are inputs to XOR )

 y = X'.1 + X.0 = X' (Inverter when input is 1)

if other input is 0,

y = X'.0 + X.1 = X( Buffer)

Hence C is correct answer.
answered by Loyal (3.6k points)

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