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a. Direct AM: Effect address is equal to the address part of instruction.
In instruction, Z will be equal to Y.

b. Indirect AM: Address field of the instruction gives the address where the effective address is stored.
Y will Store the address of Z

c. Relative A.M: The content of the PC is added to the address part of the instruction.
Y will be added to PC.

d. Indexed AM: Content of an index register is added to the part of the instruction to obtain the effective address.
Effective Address will be Y+X

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for direct z=y

for indirect z=m(m(w+1))=m(y)

for relative     effective address=program counter+address part of instruction


for indexed effective addres=index register + address part ofinstruction

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a. Direct : Z = Y.

b. Indirect : Z = (Y)

c. Relative : Z = (W+2)+Y

d. Indexed : Z = X+Y
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