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I am preparing for Nielit Scientific Assistant. Please suggest me which book should I refer for its preparation. Also what type of question are generally asked in this exam.
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when will be the written exam this year ant dates declared?

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NIELT contains two categories ,  one is post for scientist B and  another is post for technician .

It have 60 marks is for general awareness. And computer science syllabus includes one ECE subject analog and digital communication .

Most of the questions were previous year gate questions. But 60% of paper constitute general awareness out of which 20-25% from current affairs and rest are aptitude among those 60% .

For July 2017 papers , see this

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Sir final yr student are eligible?
No idea, check Nielt official website.


Final year not available ..

 Final year students are not eligible to apply for NIELIT 2017 Recruitment for Scientist-B / Scientific /Technical Assistant. Candidate should have completed his/her graduation to apply for the post as per the qualification required.


Exam  will held probably September end or oct start ....


@Bikram sir

Any link for sample paper for this exam?


click here

and see the qstns 

How are you so sure about Sep end or Oct start?


Check NIELT website , they will mention when they will conduct exam .

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