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Is there a chance for Deadlock in Graph based protocol?

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2 Answers

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As far As i know  No, Graph based protocol completely avoid Deadlocks.

I tried but didn't find any example
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In this I have shared a table having all types of lock classified as serializble recoverable deadlock-free

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I have been reading about the tree protocol as an approach in locking management in databases. I read that it is deadlock free but I am not sure how it works. Example: Assume that T1 has locked B, D, E in exclusive mode. According to the rules: T2 can lock H (allowed by ... lock G it has to lock D but D is locked by T1 so it has to wait. Hence deadlock. What am I misunderstanding in the algorithm?
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In Graph based Protocol :- Why acquireing second lock on a data item needs to lock their parent data in tree . please explain
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I know that every schedule produced by the Timestamp-based protocol is conflict serializable. But is vice versa is true? Means is all conflict serializable schedules produced by timestamp based protocol ?
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