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  1. Every LL(1) grammer is LALR(1) TRUE OR FALSE
  2. Every LL(1) grammer is CLR(1) TRUE OR FALSE

AS I think 2nd is True and 1st is False if I am wrong please let me correct.

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1. False
2. True

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Thanks sir
I think both true please conform this picture.if LL(1) than also LALR(1)

@Arnab Bhadra
What is the source of your diagram ?

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1. True

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if first is true how could second be false, since every LALR(1) is CLR(1)...

by the way @learner_geek,

second is true but first is false since there are some LL(1) which are not LALR(1)...
According to  @kallu if first is true then 2nd will automatically true because every LALR(1) is CLR(1)

thanks  joshi_nitish

for any k>0


We can also refer to this link for better understanding-

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Both are true.

Every ll 1 grammar is lalr1 grammar and every lalr1 grammar is CLR1 grammar
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If a grammar G is LL(1) then it must be CLR(1). Hence it may or may not be LALR(1) and may or may not be SLR(1).
Hence (i) FALSE
(ii) TRUE
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1st one false....2 nd one true...
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