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The internet is a collection of redundant high speed wide area links.Which network topology does the internet use?

1. Star

2. Ring



Please give valid reason to supprt your answer.
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In my opinion if the internet is a collection of redundant high speed wide area links. Than it is using Star topology.

lets take an example think about a wide area network the one which is provided by the local ISP(internet service provider) so their are many local ISP's which provides the internet facility.(we can see them as a high speed wide area networks)

All those local ISP's are also connected in the star topology and are serviced by national ISP's like MTNL, reliance etc.

Like this the hierarchy goes on and on and every computer is connected with each other.
But in star topology do we have redundant networks?
in question it is saying that internet is a collection of redundant high speed links. Redundant links are the links which provide the alternative way to the destination if the main link fails due to some reason.

all topologies uses redundant links.
it will be mess topology

collection of large numbers of star topology create mess topology, which is what internet is
Yeah i am convinced now that it will look like mesh topology if we consider the statement in the question.

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Internet is a collection of networks of networks.
So all these networks are used in the real world.

So on this basis you can say all are used .
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