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Sort these various versions of Two Phase locking protocols in increasing order of restricted-ness:

1. 2-PL(normal)

2. S-2PL(Strict)

3. R-2PL(Rigorous)

4. C-2PL (Conservative)

5. LC-2PL(Lock Conversion)
asked in Databases by Loyal (3k points) | 144 views

1 Answer

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Normal < Conservative < Strict < Rigorous.

1) In Rigorous 2PL, a transaction does not release any of it's locks until after it commits.

2) In Strict 2PL, a transaction does not release any of it's exclusive lock until after it commits.

This makes R-2PL more strict than S-2PL.

3) Conservative 2PL has no such lock release restrictions.

4) And Normal 2PL is the simplest one.
answered by Junior (859 points)
What about lock-conversion 2PL,i.e upgrading(shared to exclusive) and downgrading(exclusive to shared) of locks?

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