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The numbers 1,2,4,8,…2n,…1,2,4,8,…2n,… written in unary

Is regular or not??

if not please justify??
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It is not a regular language.

The reason is there is NO DFA that could accept this language.

If the language is infinite, there must be a pattern in it for being a regular language.The pattern means that..length of strings should be in AP that could be checked through loops.

In this language, no loop is possible.

I hope this helps.
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@vivek jain Actually i was thinking for below dfa but i got your point below dfa accept all strings given in language {1,11,1111,11111111,.......}no problem@ but it also accepts unwanted strings{111,11111....} so not accepted right!
yeah..the DFA must also reject the strings not in the language.

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