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Which of the following are linear block codes?Remember exor of two valid  linear block codes is a valid codeword

a) CRC

b) Hamming code

c) Simple parity


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correct answer is D:

for further explaination check frouzan page no. 278

NOTE: CRC is cyclic code which is linear block code with additional property .

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Actually i check in forouzan first, it says some linear blocks.But i dont know where that topic ends.:)

Is it till CRC it is linear and from checksum it is non linear .?(As per forouzen)
Yes it is in linear block code..  if you go further in frouzan you will see the heading CRC where it is clearly written.. CRC is special type of linear block code with additional features :) as in additional features it has introduced cyclic codes
Ok.And checksum?
No.. Checksum is not a linear block code.. I found somewhere saying it work like linear code but it is not linear block code

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