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What is main difference between Deterministic Push down automata and simple Push down automata ?
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In computer science, a pushdown automaton(PDA) is a type of automaton that employs a stack. Pushdown automata are used in theories about what can be computed by machines. They are more capable than finite-state machines but less capable than Turing machines.


deterministic pushdown automaton  is a variation of the pushdown automata. The class of deterministic pushdown automata accepts the deterministic CFL a proper subset of context free language.

answered by Loyal (3.1k points)
Which kind of proper subsets of CFL can be accepted by DPDA ?
A deterministic push down automata is a push down automata than never had a choice in its move.

Eg- a^nb^n n>=0 dpda and cfl

Whereas ww^r is cfl but npda

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