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Context-free languages are closed under:

  1. Union, intersection

  2. Union, Kleene closure

  3. Intersection, complement

  4. Complement, Kleene closure

asked in Theory of Computation by Veteran (59.6k points)
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2 Answers

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Cfl are not closed under intersection and complement now choose the correct option, so (B) union and klenne closure.

answered by Boss (14.3k points)
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Yes. That is correct. But DCFL is not closed under Kleene closure.
thanks for that vital information which i did not know

You are welcome smiley

May I know why is DCFL not closed under Kleene Closure ?
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The context-free languages are closed under union, concatenation and Kleene closure.

so option B

answered by Active (1.7k points)

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