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Which of the following statements is/ are true about the fragmentation which is done at network layer.

(I) The offset of 1st fragment is always offset of parent.

(II) The MF of last fragment is always same MF of parent.

I think I is true and II is false:

Explanation for II :-

Host A connected to R1 and R1 connected to host B.

Link A-R1 MTU = 220 Including IP header of 20 Bytes

Link R1-B MTU = 100 Including IP header of 20 Bytes.

Host A has 400 Bytes of TCP datagram

In link A-R1:-

1st packets <20, 200> MF = 1

2nd packets <20, 200> MF = 0

In link A-R2:-

1st packet in A-R1 is divided into 3 parts

packet 1.1 <20,80> MF = 1

packet 1.2 <20,80> MF = 1

packet 1.3 <20,40> MF = 0

packet 1.3's MF != MF of packet 1 In A-R1.

is it correct.
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@Bikram Sir, I have solved that question, but no data about MF bit.
MF bit gives the information that are there more fragments after fragment whose is MF is set to 1.

If the MF bit of parent is 1 that means the parent is already fragmented and it is not the last fragment.On further fragmentation of the parent the MF bit of the last fragment is also set to 1 because  there are fragments after its parent.

When MF bit of parent is 0 then MF bit of last fragment is set to 0 because there are no fragments after this fragment or the parent.

So second statement is true.
thanks @Groot,

No of packet having MF bit as 1 os always one. right?
It's the other way around no of fragments having MF bit 0 is always one .This shows that this is the last fragment and receiver will not recieve any other fragments. If the fragments are received by the receiver are out of order offset part of packet helps the receiver rearrange the packets in correct sequence.
Both I and II are true. You may refer page 570  (Fragmentation) in Forouzan edition 5. There is a diagram that demonstrates this.

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