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Data :- 011111

Flag:-  0111
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@manu00x or @joshi_nitish.

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Flag  0111 means in data part you have to stuff a 0 after every occurence of 11. So given data part is 011111 So after bit stuffing it will be 01101101

If flag contain consecutively n one then in data part you havr to stuff a 0 after every (n-1) one

flag 0111 means that we must stuff bit after every occurrence of 011 not 11. In forouzan it is mentioned as "In bit stuffing, if a 0 and five consecutive 1 bits are encountered, an extra 0 is
added for flag 01111110."
if it is so, so how you will stuff the data bits 111111 as here we dont have any occurrence of 011.
Here initially we have 011 right ? So we can stuff 0 after every 011 as flag is 0111
i have also read in frouzan that we have to stuff 0 after occurence of 011.. but in other books like tennebaum and lectures of neptel i have found that they used the method of stuffing after occurence of 11... its really confusing which way to opt.

Actually I asked this question for altogether different reason. If we stuff 0 after every 011 (flag is 0111) then the data will be 0110111 . Here after stuffing 0, at the end we have 0111 which is same as flag and the problem is not solved.

Well your answer lies in our discussion.. Because if you go through the approach that 0 will be added after every 11 then there will be no problem isn't??
Ya. Stuffing after 11 is more appropriate. Don't know which one to follow, forouzan or Tannenbaum.
Well neptel nd other lectures also follow this rule.. That is stuffing after 11..

I have seen previous year gate paper in that they use to stuff 0 bit after every n-1 occurrences of 1.

If in gate it is asked which rule we have to follow stuffing 0 after 011 or only 11 can anyone help ?
Stuff 0 after 11..most places they have followed this..
  • Thanks vaibhav
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