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Consider the following database schema where the primary keys are underlined.

                 Employee(EId, EName, ESal, PId)
                 Project(PId, PName, PDeadline, PBudget).

Which of the following is the most optimized query while retrieving employee names whose salary is more than 1000 and are allocated in a project has a budget more than 50000?

1. ΠEName(σESal>1000∧PBudget>50000(Employee⋈PIdProject)
2. ΠEName((σESal>1000(Employee))⋈PId(σPBudget>50000(Project)))
3. ΠEName(ΠEName,ESal,PId(σESal>1000(Employee))⋈PIdΠPId,PBudget(σPBudget>50000   (Project)))
4. ΠEName(ΠEName,PId(σESal>1000(Employee))⋈PIdΠPId(σPBudget>50000(Project)))
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