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Let host X has IP address and host Y has IP address and both hosts use the same netmask Z. which of the network masks Z given below can used if both hosts are in the same network?

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none of these

it will be $$


please explain why and can't be subnet mask.

For both hosts to be in the same network performing bitwise AND (&) operation between IP address and subnet mask, result should be same subnet ID to be in same network.

By performing AND operation with option 3) gives same subnet ID and with option 4) gives same subnet id .


Bikram sir please help.

2 Answers

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DO bitwise AND with, 

for both the IP address we will get the same network id which is Hence it is a Subnet Mask.

Even for 4th option we can get the same AND operation result form both IP address.

i think both option c and d can be answer.

Correct me if i am wrong.

answered by Loyal (4.7k points)
C and D both options are correct
If multiple mask match then we should consider mask with longest prefix match so only C correct
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Option is C) the correct optioNn

answered by Active (1.5k points)

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