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Suppose 7 persons are recruited in a company to do their specific tasks. Each task
 requires a fixed amount of time to complete and all those tasks are needed to be
 done in a single platform that can be shared by each employee. But as per the
 regulations of the company every employee should report to his/her immediate boss
 after doing the work every 2 units of time only. The following table shows the name
 of the employee, their assigned task number and total time required to complete
 their tasks. Find the order of the employees with different time stamps to
 accomplish the assigned tasks. You have to show starting time, ending time and the
 different time instants at which the employees shared that common platform. Take
 name of the employee as input who will start work first from 0th time instant.
Employee Name Task Number Time to complete
A                                       2                   10
B                                        5                   11
C                                        7                     5
D                                        1                     8
E                                         3                   19
F                                         6                   23
G                                         4                   11

Write a c program using  queue data structures to compute the following problem
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