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Consider the following program in a language that has dynamic scooping:

var x: real;
procedure show:
    begin print(x);end;
procedure small;
    var x: real;
        begin x: = 0.125; show; end;
begin x:=0.25
    show; small

Then the output of the program is:

  1. 0.125 0.125
  2. 0.25 0.25
  3. 0.25 0.125
  4. 0.125 0.25


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2 Answers

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ans c)

In dynamic scoping, if a variable is not found in the local scope it is looked up on at the function from which the call is made.
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Mam, can you explain what we mean by real data type?
Real data type used to represent Real numbers.
but sir is there any real keyword in c programming language practically?
Program given is in Pascal language, May be in Pascal there is keyword name real.

In c we use int, float, long int etc which are subset of real.
finding outputs of procedural language is still in syllabus?

Its answer should be option: "b: .25 .25" because x is also declared in procedure small hence scope of variable x = .125 will be limited to procedure small only.

so if it would ask for static scope

then c would be the answer ?

@bikram sir
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