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The number of tokens in the FORTRAN statement DO 10 I = 1.25 is

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. None of the above



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there are 3 tokens because its 1.25 not 1,25 . Notice the dot and comma in those.  Answer would be 5 if it would have comma 1,25 .
what 's its right option ??

4 Answers

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5 tokens






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No , It has 3 Tokens. And this problem was the cause of failure for Venus Probe Mariner 1 sent by NASA
Ohkay, someone downvoted my comment. But correct answer is still 3. (And if you become an engineer with answer 5 and somhow get into NASA later, then you might cause world's most expensive period(.) ).

Do read the
@Tusher Shinde I didn't down vote your comment.
Are, its okay. Tum to serious hogaye :)
Why we are rejecting the fact that whitespaces are insignificant. Any specific reason please share.
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(a) 3 is Answer , 
token1= DO10I ,

token2= '='


Within the statement field, blanks were generally ignored, allowing the programmer to omit space between tokens for brevity, or include spaces within identifiers for clarity (for example, AVG OF X was a valid identifier, and equivalent to AVGOFX). 

reference @

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@LeenSharma  and @ Mithlesh  token1= DO10I // is a special keword use in fortran ??
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Is it 5?
answered by Active (1.6k points)
It is 5 Tokens........
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This is a fortran statement and in fortran blanks in fixed-format are ignored hence, in fortran this statement is considered as an instance of the identifier. So number of tokens will be 3 (DO5I, =,1.25).

If statement was like DO 5 I = 1,25 then it would have been considered as a DO statement.

Reference : - Dragon book, Page number 113 second edition.
answered by Junior (855 points)

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